Plant simulation software aids in plant management, and bridges the gap between theoretical and actual production capability.

By Bryan Lewis

While describing measurement techniques used to generate a multi-million dollar profit improvement, a new manager was asked, “How did they manage things before you got there?” He responded, “I guess they used the Force,” borrowing a Star Wars expression to indicate that previously there was no measurement system in place.

Addressing the issue of performance measurement, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a well-known advocate of Statistical Process Control, is often quoted as saying: “In God we trust, all others bring data.”

Aggflow DM user in the field

BedRock Software, the creator of AggFlow, unveiled a new AggFlow product at AGG1: AggFlow Design and Manage. According to BedRock Software, AggFlow Design and Manage is the latest version of AggFlow that employs cloud-based data storage, eliminating the need for a hardware USB key.

AggFlow Design replaces the original AggFlow, and the company says it continues to provide plant design assistance for equipment suppliers, engineers and producers. Design users can hold a Design license and can create an unlimited number of design projects.