For Feed Equipment and Crushers, select on the worksheet, then right click on the equipment and select Adjust Setup,

For Specifications select Database from the main menu and select View/Edit Specifications

  1. Create new Gradation (or Specification)
  2. Export to Excel to see format required
  3. Make Changes, select data and copy in Excel
  4. Paste from Excel into New gradation/Specification


Ready for some assistance with your AggFlow plant simulation?

Sometimes it’s hard to get started and not easy to find the time to learn a new program and build a model of your plant. Setting up a full AggFlow simulation involves several steps, and can involve a learning curve to fully understand all the capabilities AggFlow has to offer. By fully utilizing all of AggFlow’s features, many producers will operate more efficiently, make more money and get a better understanding of how their plant actually runs compared to how well it should run.

  1. When any equipment is placed on the worksheet, select and right click to select Change Style/Color/Scale. Here you can find selections for different icons, change fill colors and rescale icon size. 
  2. Use the Edit dropdown menu to align selected Icons.
  3. Use the Draw Orthogonal Flowstream button to draw straight flow lines. Orthogonal Lines Icon
  4. Select Flowlines and right click on these to straighten flowlines.