Step 1 – Launch AggFlow using the desktop Icon.
Step 2 – Enter your username and password, use create account or reset password as needed.
Step 3
  • To open the DM control panel – Click on Launch AggFlow DM

  • To go directly to the AggFlow Worksheet (AggFlow Classic) plug in your USB key and click on Worksheet only
Launch AggFlow DM opens the AggFlow Control panel. Use the control panel to organize your work and share projects directly with other users. (Recommended)
To open AggFlow Files in AggFlow DM
Launch AggFlow DM
Option 1 – From the control panel, select “Create Project from AGZ File” – opens file search to select file to open.
Option 2 – Drag and Drop – from File Explorer, select the file and drag it to the control panel, it will create the file in the company that is highlighted.
Option 3 – Drag an entire folder of AGZ files into a company, it will build the same file structure and import all the AggFlow files into the company.
To Open Files directly to the Worksheet
Option 1 – Use Double Clicking on a file - Start AggFlow and select Open Worksheet, with a worksheet open double click on the file to open. Each time a file is double clicked it will open in a new worksheet. (If the DM control panel is open, double clicking on a file will not open the file in a worksheet)
Option 2 – Drag and drop the file over any open worksheet (can be in Worksheet Only or AggFlow DM)
Option 3 – On the Open Worksheet, select the File dropdown menu and select Open Revision to browse for and select the file to open.